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October 16th, 2010.

I used to shoot Leinster rugby matches when I was in Dublin. And now after 1 year I left Dublin, I meet again Leinster at Wembley Stadium in London. It wins against Saracens during an exciting game for the Heineken Cup.



October 15th, 2010.

The party is titled Bal Argent√®e. It is held at Stoke Place, situated in the countryside, one hour from London. The three storey ‘William and Mary’ style house was built as a family home in 1690 by Patrick Lamb. Later, east and west wings were added to the building creating a substantial and impressive country house and the infamous talents of Capability Brown turned the surrounding grounds into a quintessential rural idyll. Stoke Place is now a 30 bedroom hotel.

The coach to go there leaves from Hanover Square, near Oxford circus. i can e already the atmosphere inside. People chat and already drink, even without bar. Small bottle of spirits and wine spread along the seats. Many people wear silver dresses because of the theme of the night. The countryside house is surrounded by grass and style is lovely. A nice twister stairs go up to the first floor, the wall is green and decorated by many empty frames and long chandelier which hang down in the middle and light up this corner. I go inside a room where many dresses are ready to be worn by the guests, women and gentlemen.

In the backyard a beautiful lady with a white dress plays chess with two gentlemen with the light comes from the house and long shadows reach out the forest around. The Astrological Cocktail Lounge feature a zodiac cocktail list and it a perfect spot to observe the night sky. And many more surprises…

It was very exciting shooting for a week in Rome Men’s Volleyball World Championship. I have been playing volleyball for 10 years in Italy and for me being here is like a dream, after years without watching any match.