Project retro socialising: La Belle Epoque

Posted: September 26, 2010 in art and entertainment, fashion, vintage
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September 25th, 2010

The French phrase ‘La Belle Epoque’ refers to the pre-war ‘fine period’ typified by extravagant dressing and the height of luxury living for the elite.

At the door Nadia give me a really nice welcome. She is very nice with me, she brings me inside and she orders a drink at the bar, a nice cocktail with a delicate taste of lemon. It sounds to be in the 20’s in America, but I am in East London. Can can dancers, acrobatic performance, Montmarte music, corsets and much more. The room is quite dark, few chandeliers light the bar upstairs, some spotlights light up the acrobats, a nice woman makes face paintings and red curtains on the walls give a touch of glamour to the room. But the modern disco music during the last two hours I think is not really appropriate.

  1. apettina says:

    Immagini molto belle, come al solito. Purtroppo devo convenire con te… non credo che la musica di ultima generazione si confacesse molto con lo stile della serata.

  2. Grazie. La musica “stonava” con l’atmosfera che c’era come puoi vedere dalle foto. Come è andata la mostra?

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