The skate area at South Bank in London.

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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After hours spent in front of my laptop editing for Alamy, I decide to go to South Bank to walk along the river to rest my eyes and my mind and I can not resist to bring my camera with me, my intimate friend. And  in fact, after 10 minutes I see a group of teenagers and over 20 skating and cycling in the skate area before the London Eye. I stop to observe and I take my camera and start to shoot. The last sun rays of the day are lighting up the graffiti on the walls and the guys who are playing here.

  1. apettina says:

    Ciao, marco sono tanta roba queste foto… mi fai ricordare i periodi da pischella….;-})

  2. Ma perchè tu facevi skate? Immagino come eri birbona a quell’età.

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