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During my project about the gospel church in Elephant and Castle I knew many very good Nigerian people and one of them, Emma, invited me to go to a traditional Nigerian pre-wedding ceremony last Sunday. I arrive there and the room is full of women wearing traditional colourful clothes, on the left side there was the bride’s family and many women are wearing purple clothes, which is the family colour for long time, and white clothes because of the virginity of the groom. On the right the groom’s family is very colourful. In the middle they are boxes of coke, whisk, one luggage and other goods. The groom has to pay thousands pounds to get married with his girlfriend. People celebrate with dance and music and I see many people giving 1 dollar notes to the bride and her mother. Lot of nice food for everyone. It is a good fun.


After hours spent in front of my laptop editing for Alamy, I decide to go to South Bank to walk along the river to rest my eyes and my mind and I can not resist to bring my camera with me, my intimate friend. And  in fact, after 10 minutes I see a group of teenagers and over 20 skating and cycling in the skate area before the London Eye. I stop to observe and I take my camera and start to shoot. The last sun rays of the day are lighting up the graffiti on the walls and the guys who are playing here.

I think the members of New Sheridans Club would ike to see more pictures for that special night. The light was really low and technically difficult to take picture. I hate flash because it kills the warm atmosphere. So, I decided to use only the tiny light available and try get something different.

It is time for the New Sheridans Club summer party “The Far Pavilions” at Salon d’Etè. An amazing vintage atmosphere, the right music, the right clothes, the right people. Candles on the tables light up the guests with a warm light, a lovely singer on the stage performs with a band, a funny game is played on the stage, shooting a flying piece of crispy bread is the goal. The social aspect is at the peak and never as now I really feel to be back in the past. I am really fascinated by a lovely woman who is wearing a Victorian dress, her elegance is something indescribable. Mirrors on the wall reflect the person dancing on the floor swing, couples chatting with charm and off course many people have fun drinking and get drunk. This has been the same for ages. Incredible night!!

Back again to shoot for my project retro socialising. Yesterday all day has been dedicated to it. In the morning it took almost two hours to get the Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields where The Tashes Trophy was held. A cricket match, organized by the New Sheridans Club, played by the Hirsute Gentlemen against the Clean-Shaven players. It was a funny game. A guy smoking a pipe during the game, an Australian with long hair man wearing an army uniform from the 60’s and much more. The public was chatting and having pic -nic on the grass and wearing vintage clothes, drinking champagne.

‎”A portrait is not a likeness. The moment an emotion or fact is

transformed into a photograph it is no longer a fact but an

opinion. There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph. All

photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.”

Richard  Avedon

Civet, a musical group from Los Angeles, performed at Underworld in London yesterday during their European tour. One of them, Roxie, who plays drums, is Stephanie’s friend, my flatmate. They were all our guest in our house for two days. I really enjoyed shoot them at the backstage and during the concert.  This is my first concert and I think I will do more in the future. I knew Dani at the backstage, a really nice girl from Germany, who made a fantastic chocolate cake, served with ice cream at the end. You can see her tattoos on her feet in one picture.

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An exciting night yesterday at Proud Club in London with Tassel Club. Scarlett Martini from Rome, Banbury Cross, Sophia St Viller, Peacock and more performed in a fantastic glamour atmosphere. A mix of vintage, music, dresses, lingerie, strip tease.

Another night spent for my project about retro socialising. I went to the New Sheridans Club Night at The Wheatsheaf, where I knew many members of this vintage club.

Evadne Raccat talked about “pretty ladies in pretty dresses” with an elaboration of The Duchess of Devonshire’s Ball. Held in 1897, this fancy-dress party, with royal guests of honour, was notable because Lafayette set up a photo booth and made records of many of the costumes, giving an insight into the telling ways that different guests interpreted the code of historical or exotic dress.

This afternoon there was the parade during the festival Carnaval del Pueblo, the largest Latin American event in Europe, held in London, UK, between Elephant Road and Burgess Park. So much fun, music and groups from all the Latin American countries celebrate.