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I have just started a project about retro socialising-vintage and burlesque. After The Clap Olympiad and a night of Burlesque with Tassel Club, last night I shot during a swing party. Sounds from the 40’s and 50’s with Black Cotton at Volupte Club.


NIght life

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In London the night life is exciting. Here you can see some shots from the past weeks in Guanabara club.

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This is my first event of vintage, The Chap Olympiad. I am at Bedford Square in London and it seems to be in the 40s. Back to the past for few hours. Music, games, food and vintage clothes. Many beautiful ladies seat on the grass having pic-nic, chatting and take a cup of tea. People dance and have fun, men smoke pipes.

Fashion fashion…

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That day there was heavy rain and I decide to shoot at the car park under a building. It was very dark. Neon and soft natural light in the middle light up the space. Fantastic location.

This is my project about a small Angelus Foursquare Church at Highgate Estate in Elephant and Castle, London. This small church was opened by the actual pastor Rev Oyekan Reginald about ten years ago. Most of the people of the community come from Nigeria and someone from Ghana, Serra Lion, Gambia and other countries in Africa. They meet every Sunday for the mass between 10.30 am and 2 pm and every Friday between 7.30 and 9 pm for the prayer meeting. Every last Friday of the month there is a night pray meeting between midnight and 5 am. Years ago they used to be about 200 hundred people being part of this community, but then many left after getting married or because of their job and the relocation of many people living at Heygate Estate.
The church run the pastor Rev Oyekan Reginald and his assistant Pauline, both from Nigeria and there is a group of people who collaborate during the mass and other different activities.
They really believe in the word of God, because it can make the life better. They are involved in charity. They collect food, clothes and money and give them to charity organizations and they also sponsor some children. They try to educate children to the word of God. They bring them together because they don’t really understand what the adults do. They use children bibles, written in a very simple English. They read to them. They use pictures to educate them. They let them know who Jesus is and they teach them how they can go along their life.

I spent more than a month shooting for this project between May and June 2010.

I really enjoyed this project. I met fantastic people there.

I made a multimedia about Pauline, the assistant pastor.

You can have a look it at: