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People between people

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Everyday we see people everywhere. Everyday we meet people. Every night we dream about people. Everyone are people.

To all the people on this heart

There are mean people,
Keen people,
People that are in
Between people

There are nice people,
Rolling dice people,
People with hearts of
Ice people

There are cool people,
School people,
People who follow the
rules people

There are sweet people,
Neat people,
People who
Rub your feet people

There are bug people,
Smug people
People who give you
hugs people

There are funny people,
Nunny people,
People who are
tidy and cunning people

There are smart people,
Warm heart people
People who wanna be
Apart from people

There are lazy people,
Crazy people,
People who pick
daisies people

There are joke people,
Coke people,
People who like
to poke you people

There are pain people,
Cane people,
People who say its gonna
Rain people

There are dish people,
Fish people,
People who like to
wish people

There are mopey people,
Dopey people,
People with lots of
hopey people

There are seer people,
Deer people,
People who like to
Drink beer people

There are trail people,
Sail people,
People who give you your
Mail people

There are shoe people,
True people,
People who paint
with blue people

There are dog people,
Smog people,
People who like
to saw logs people

There are flying people,
Dying people,
People who are
Crying people

There are baby people
Maybe people,
People who drive
A Mercedes people

There are close people,
Nose people,
People who goes
where you goes people…

Kelly Curiel

The colourfull world

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yesterday about 1000 people were protesting against Israeli assault on flotilla, where at least nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed as Israeli stormed the Mavi Marmara, the largest ship in the flotilla carrying passengers and many more were evacuated by helicopter to Israeli hospitals. The march began in Downing street and continued untill the Israeli embassy in Kensington. More than one hundred policemen were there in front of the embassy gate to check the situation and avoid any accident.

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