The fisherman village in Puri, India

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Last year I was travelling in India. After leaving Kolkata I went by train to the State of Orissa in Puri.

Puri is one of the biggest pilgrimage centres in India situated on the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal in the State of Orissa. What attracts many people is the life that revolves around the fisherman village. A genuine settlement close to the beach where the fishermen live with their families. Orissa, India. 11/11/2009.

The shore is full of boats parked alongside one another. At sunset, some fishermen prepare nets beneath the sails of blue still on the floor that gives shelter from the blazing sun. Many children run on the beach and play. Some women wear on their head a basket full of fish walking on the seashore. Many people gather around the fish brought in from the boats and deposited on the sheeting. Prawns, king fish, mackerels, crab, tuna, silver fish and many others are ready to be sold to the highest bidder.

At dawn the village is already in full swing. They take the fish caught at night that are preserved by ice, the women take it from the tarps and put it in baskets. Others are engaged in cooking, washing clothes or cleaning. In front of the village, rubbish heaps rise on the beach and birds, dogs and pigs find food to eat. The crows are based on structures of wood and contemplate the sea.

Fishermen use the beach as toilet. The shoreline is full of human faeces and the smell is stronger than that of fish.
Towards the horizont they are many fishing boats, the sky is cloudy, dark grey and the sun’s rays penetrate through, forming a halo that illuminates the boats.

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