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Protest against the Pope.

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Protest the pope-Say no to an official State visit to the UK.

Benedict XVI was personally involved in cover-up of child sex abuse
Many child abusers escaped justice, thanks to the Pope
The Protest the Pope campaign invites you to join us for our first major protest against the Pope’s State Visit to the UK.
As the scandal of child sex abuse by Catholic clergy continues to unfold, the Pope’s role in covering up and protecting paedophile priests is being mostly ignored. He is getting away with claims that he defended and protected the victims.
But there is another story. The BBC’s 2006 Panorama programme, ‘Sex crimes and the Vatican’, alleged that Pope Benedict XVI was the chief architect of the cover-up, which helped many child sex-abusing Catholic clergy escape justice.
It revealed that, in 2001, while he was Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI issued a secret Vatican edict to all Catholic bishops, instructing them to encourage the victims, witnesses and perpetrators to not talk about child sex abuse. To keep victims quiet, the Pope threatened that if they repeated the allegations they would be excommunicated.
‘Protest the Pope’ is a campaign against the Pope being honoured with a State Visit to the UK in September. It aims to highlight the many reasons why such a visit is unsuitable, one of which is the failure by the Vatican and the Pope to address the many cases of abuse of children within its institutions.
The protest organized by Pete Tatchell has been in the Piazza outside Westminster Cathedral in London, Uk between 12 pm and 2 pm on March 28th, 2010


Southend on-Sea is in the county of Essex in South-East England, on the North bank of the Thames Estuary. The most notable landmark is that of the 1.3 miles long pier which extends out into the estuary – it is the longest pleasure pier in the world.

Today is very quite day. Just few people are on the beach and the sky is cloudy. The atmosphere is very dark and I can enjoy my walking. I had a chat with a mother with her disabled daughter, a man looking for gold by a metal detector, a man collecting mussels and oyster on the beach, a couple of girls building sand castles, an old man feeding sea gulls with his wife and dog. A winter sea landscape with a sound of the waves with the wind blowing from the West.

After my last football match Brazil-Ireland it’s time now to shoot a junior soccer game near my house at Kennigton Park. They are the Ore’s children and finally I can see them in action. They lost 12-0. The other team was much better and the man of the match was his youngest guy, the number 4. It was great to shoot at this different level and at the same time very interesting.