Billingsgate Fish Market

Posted: February 21, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Billingsgate was originally a general market. It became fish market in 1699 and it moved from its original site at Lower Thames Street to Canary Wharf in 1982. The market has tremendous variety of quality fresh and frozen fish.

Based within the market and established as charitable company is the Billingsgate Seafood Training School. The aim of the school is to promote awareness of fish among young people and to increase the knowledge of those already working in the retail and catering industry. Tha market open at 5 am and at that time many people were already there to buy fish. The environment is very bright and clean.

  1. Steve Gong says:

    Love the pics, and adore your self portraits! I remember seeing more of them. Put them up!

  2. the pictures are great…it’s amazing how you guys can be talented in taking pictures, i wish can do something even a little bit close to this! keep ’em coming!

    buy the freshest fish and seafoods from your trusted fish wholesalers

    • I do what I like. That shooting it was for an assignement for my MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. I really enjoyed the time spent there, except waking up at 3 am.
      Thanks anyway for your compliments.
      Best regards.


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